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HazMat Informer Features:

• Instant Placard Recommendation
• Automated Breifing for your Drivers
• Integrated ERG (emergency response guide)
• Load Multiple Trailers
• API access to briefing data

HazMat Informer Product Sheet

HazMat Informer

HazMat Informer is the mobile driver solution to automate your Hazardous Materials compliance. Simply enter the material number and weight from the shipping information and receive instant feedback for the correct placard(s) needed to stay compliant. With built in material segregation logic you don’t have to worry about transporting materials that should not be stored together.

With an integrated Emergency Response Guide (ERG), HazMat Informer will open to the appropriate page(s) if your driver should need immediate help. No more thumbing through pages to search for the items loaded. One button access saves valuable time.

HazMat Informer also automates the briefing process for your driver that frees up your resources internally and standardizes your processes. Improve your Hazardous Materials compliance BASIC today by eliminating violations.

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How To: Use HazMat Informer

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